How Does It Work?

Our company was founded with the specific intention of producing one-off custom lighting fixtures for designers. As a result, we’ve worked very hard to make our capabilities and process as robust and seamless as possible – you simply need to tell us what you want and we take care of the rest.

Initially, you provide either desired dimension modifications for an existing design or concept information for an original design. At that point, your sales coordinator submits the information to an estimator on our product development team. The estimator may request additional information to ensure that our quote accurately reflects your intentions, as our quoted prices are firm once presented and not subject to change unless you change your design (regardless of difficulties we may encounter during the build). Typically within 24-48 hours, we return a formal quote which encompasses the cost of engineering and production as well as related freight and special crating requirements.

From there, we begin as soon as you are ready to place the order and approve the quote. Our engineering team will develop shop drawings that will be presented to you within 4 weeks from date of order. And as soon as you sign off on the shop drawings, the order is placed into the production queue for execution.

Once complete and through the custom inspections, it is boxed (or crated where appropriate) and shipped to your job site with all supplemental custom installation instructions and mounting hardware. If preferred, one of our team can be available for on-site installation assistance as well. As with all of our fixtures, our custom commissions carry the lifetime warranty contained in Our Promise.

As you might expect, the administration and execution of a one-off custom lighting fixture can be quite complex – but we see that as our challenge, not yours. Our mission is to simplify the custom process for you, so that you can stay focused on your work and your clients, without any of the headache.