Our Promise

The Urban Electric Co. prides itself on uncompromising craftsmanship and impeccable service. Each of our fixtures is constructed of the finest materials and is individually bench-crafted to create a product unrivaled in the luxury lighting market.

Our products carry a lifetime warranty for materials and craftsmanship. We firmly stand behind everything we make and will do what is necessary to ensure your satisfaction should anything fall short of your expectations. See our Terms & Conditions for further details, and contact your sales coordinator for any assistance required.

Damage due to weathering or normal wear over a period of time can be repaired in our workshop for a reasonable charge. Please inquire for details.

Heirloom Quality

Celebrating the small print of design. Fine-tuning the unexpected detail. We are raising industry expectations and we promise you’ll notice the difference. Your clients will too.

We pride ourselves on the ability to offer a lifetime warranty, and we are confident in doing so because of the quality of our approach. Heirloom quality is at the core of everything we do – from the materials we use to the design, engineering and craft talent that goes into each and every one of our fixtures to the level of client service that you receive.

We believe that our designs are not simply fixtures, but a vision specific to the project – a vision that will create value for the owner for decades to come.


We choose the metals we use specifically for their lifetime properties, a criterion which guides our decisions on everything from the type of material to the gauge and strength available. These types of decisions ensure sustainability for the future. Not only are the raw materials brought in from recycled sources, but any metal scraps leftover from our processes are recycled so that all waste gets re-used. These approaches coupled with products intended for use throughout a lifetime, meet the true definition of sustainability.

Most often, we work in copper and brass as these metals have proven themselves over centuries, but any metal we use follows these same guidelines. Ultimately, the quality of the metal is self-evident when a client sees the thickness of material and feels the weight in the end result.


Finishes are integral to the full bespoke capabilities we offer for all of our fixtures. We offer nearly 30 different finish options, all of which are developed and applied by hand. We have created many of our own signature finishes in addition to perfecting standard offerings such as polished nickel and bronze.

In addition to the metal finishes, we offer the ability to match any paint selection by any paint manufacturer as well as a selection of over 1000 powdercoat color options.

Learn more about the care of our finishes or view our finish chart.


Our glass comes from some of the finest workshops around the world where we see a shared emphasis on hand-craft and quality. We offer a wide selection of hand-blown sheet glass from Germany as well as shaped and hand-slumped glass from Italy and the US. All mirror and antique mirror finishes are developed and applied in-house.

Many of our custom projects require special glass considerations or designs. Please inquire for any glass needs outside of what you may see as standard offerings.