2013 marked our 10th Anniversary as a company. Over the years, we’ve been honored to produce lights for some of the finest homes, hotels, and restaurants in the world. And while we’ve grown in size and scale, our passion and focus is where it has always been – designing and crafting heirloom quality lighting fixtures for discerning architects and designers.

In celebration, we marked this special milestone in several ways.

Celebratory Video

During a series of photo shoots we were able to capture sentiments of clients and friends in the industry to sum up where we’ve come in our short history. We visited both coasts and drilled down locally to where it all started.

We were humbled at the enthusiastic involvement of so many, and we hope you will enjoy this reflection as much as we have.

Watch the trailer here or click to view full video.

Lantern Collection

At inception, our assortment primarily featured iconic exterior lanterns. As we’ve grown, we have greatly expanded our offerings in both interior and exterior fixtures and now offer nearly 300 in our total collection across a variety of forms.

To celebrate a decade of craftsmanship, we wanted to return to our lantern-making roots and pay homage to the wonderful and rich heritage of a craft that dates back for centuries. We also wanted to give it our original twist, of course.

The 10th Anniversary Collection includes 10 signature and exclusive lanterns. Each of our outside design collaborators was invited to design a lantern that captured their individual take on the quintessential Urban Electric aesthetic.